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FADILEC receives the EDF PULSE OCCITANIE Prize for Innovation
14 June 2019
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FADILEC attended the ITER BUSINESS FORUM from 26 to 28 March 2019

The ITER project is a research project located in Cadarache.

Its purpose is to build a civilian nuclear fusion reactor, with long-term research aimed at the industrialisation of nuclear fusion.

This consists of fusion of the nuclei of atoms derived from hydrogen, deuterium and tritium, trapped in a magnetic field and heated to 150 million degrees. The neutrons thereby released collide with the walls of the device that confines them (Tokamak). The heat that is released will be used to produce water vapour in installations that drive turbines and generate electricity. The advantage of this process is that it produces 10 times more energy and much less low radioactive waste, since the deuterium is in seawater.

There is no chain reaction – the installation is easily stopped, so there is no danger.

The figures in a nutshell are: 443 companies from 28 different countries, adding up to over 1245 participants

Organised by the ITER France Agency and the ITER Fusion For Energy organisation, this event was extremely valuable for its networking and business opportunities, partnerships and collaboration between European and foreign manufacturers: conference, workshops, business meetings, etc.

The expertise of the FADILEC group is of interest to major clients. We are positioning ourselves in this large-scale project, with the deadline for producing the first plasma in 2025 and commissioning in 2035!