Fadilec Vénissieux
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Fadilec Laudun
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Automation and industrial processes for theatre and events

Fadilec, an engineering firm and integrator of global solutions, operates in the theatre and events sector.

Fadilec designs ever more efficient solutions – from machinery for the opera to props for an auto show.

Contact one of our two offices – in Laudun in the Gard region (30) and Vénissieux near Lyon in the Rhône region (69).

Some of our projects in the field of theatre and events

Our teams perform interventions on event projects and stage machines:

  • Realisation of servo-controlled lifting platforms for the opera
  • Realisation of complex machinery for auto shows
  • Realisation of mobile displays with machinery + sound + light,
  • Realisation of all resin objects, of all sizes, for animated backgrounds
  • Realisation of hydraulic platform animation systems (simulator).