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FADILEC GreenTech Green Label certification by the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition!
2 April 2020
Triple certification for FADILEC!
29 April 2020
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FADILEC is actively involved in several innovative projects connected to the fight against COVID-19, in particular for the medical sector and hospitals, the Ministry of the Armed Forces and others.

One of our first project concerns a gantry temperature screening system used for access control.

Other collaborative projects at national and European level are under way with members of CleanTech Booster (Cleantech Vallée), Innowtech, Sirea and Alfileo in partnership with Sterixene. This concerns a robot for disinfection of ambient air and surfaces (floors, walls, equipment, furniture). It is wireless and able to move around independently to perform disinfection operations and to communicate with the operator. The technological building blocks upon which it is based have already been tested, validated and proven in other industries on other devices or robots on the market.

Great projects that are born of creativity and entrepreneurial cohesion.